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Extracting Broken Pins
A document that provides instructions for extracting broken pins from the Lemo receptacles as used on various Trimble products, especially the 7-pin Size 0 receptacles that Trimble has used since the introduction of the Trimble TSC1 and 4800 in 1997. and JCMBsoft's Utilities
Various utilities, mostly Trimble related, that are authored, maintained, and generously offered to the GPS community by Mr. Geoffrey Kirk. Sometimes it is easier to find what you are seeking in JCMBsoft's Utilities by using the File List. This IS NOT an official Trimble site and it is in no way supported by Trimble Navigation Limited.

System Dividends
The System Dividends web site offers many useful resources. Check out the Manuals/Quickguides and the Utilities. Mr. Michael McInnis of System Dividends has been providing excellent GPS training to private, public, and U.S. military organizations for many years.

Uploading Files to Inland GPS
From time to time our customers may need to send large files to Inland GPS. Because many organizations forbid their employees to use FTP, we have set up an browser-based upload service that will accept files up to around 1.1 GB (can be made larger if necessary). We keep the uploader turned off most of the time to reduce the risk of possible malicious expoits.

Always combine all individual folders and files into a single zipped archive before uploading or sending. Please do not send any files larger than one (1) MB to Inland GPS as e-mail attachments.